Lila-Ann Pfaff, 5 Months

Lila-Ann Pfaff Cutest Baby Finalist

What is your favorite food?

My daddy is a really good cook for our family. This means mommy eats really good and I get whatever mommy gets... aka breastmilk! It has so many different flavors!

What song makes you dance in your diaper?

Mommy and daddy have me hooked on songs from the Lion King and Moana. We always listen to those songs when I need a clean diaper and when it's time to put lotion on. I don't know about my other baby-friends, but I HATE lotion time! Nothing like a Disney song to keep me distracted and sing along to... aka squeal to.

What three words describe you?

Ultimate Kicker, Miss Squealer, Princess

Share something unique about yourself or a funny story:

I have a TON of hair that sticks straight up for everyone to see! One time, I was shopping with my Grandma Lori at the mall and this lady stopped and said "What a cute baby wig!" I just smiled at her but I was really thinking "lady, I've had this hair since birth". My Grandma Lori just smiled and we kept shopping. My hair can be spotted a mile away. People stop and gather around just to check me out. It's happened at Carter's, PFI, church, and Walmart. I can't complain though because I love all the attention I get! I'm a social butterfly like my mommy!

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