417 Magazine's Cutest Baby Contest

Lottie Wiland, 8 Months

Lottie Wiland | Cutest Baby Finalist

What song makes you dance in your diaper?
“Rubber Ducky” is definitely a favorite of mine! I know it’s bath time when I hear it, and I get so excited. Mommy also sings some Billboard Top Hits including “Bounce, Bounce Baby,” “Diapey Change, Diapey Change,” and “Kick, Kick, Kick, Play, Play, Play”. . . or maybe she makes those up.

What is your favorite food?
Food? Yes, please! I love all the foods! My favorite include oatmeal, sweet potatoes, applesauce, and yogurt. I also love milk, of course. My big brother tries to share his snacks with me, but Mommy and Daddy say I’m not quite ready because I don’t have any teeth yet.

What three words describe you?
Sweet. Happy. Lovely.

Tell us what makes you unique, or share a funny story.
Hi! I’m Charlotte Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Lottie for short. People tell me that they think I have pretty blue eyes and really long eyelashes all the time. They also say I’m really laid back and calm. I really love being snuggled and like to giggle all the time! I’m learning that I can make a lot of fun sounds and even can say "mama." My big brother, Conrad, is my best friend. He likes to share his toys and teach me lots of neat things. I have three doggies and they are so cute! I love to watch and giggle when they are playing. In my free time, I enjoy scooting around the room, jumping in my jumper, and playing with all my toys.

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