417 Magazine's Cutest Baby Contest

Olivia Draheim, 13 Months

Olivia Draheim | Cutest Baby Finalist

What song makes you dance in your diaper?
"Baby Shark"

What is your favorite food?
Biscuits and gravy

What three words describe you?
Happy. Easy-going. Talkative.

Tell us what makes you unique, or share a funny story.
Food is my passion! If you have food, I will be your best friend. My nana always carries snacks in her purse for me and my sister, and I quickly learned that her purse equals food. So now anytime I see Nana, I search out her purse and am relentless until Nana gets a snack out for me. My family jokes and says I only love them for the food we have, even though I am a super lovely girl.

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