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Forest & Field to Fork Workshop & Dinner

apr 21

5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

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Apr 21 2018

5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Midtown Community Garden
1475 N Benton
Springfield, MO
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Forest & Field to Fork Workshop and Dinner! During the workshop we will discover Missouri’s Native Edible Plants along with many edible invasive species. You’ll get to see a dozen edible species up close and personal as well as receive ideas on using them in your diet. All Participants will be sent home with a list of plants discussed as well a few fun recipes to try at home.

Rachael West is a Wild Edibles Educator. She will be foraging wild edible plants for our dinner. Rachael operates a Wild Edibles Education Page on Facebook called Once Upon a Weed where she educates on wild plants all season. Nadia Navarrete-Tindall, Ph.D is a Missouri Native Plants advocate. As an independent consultant Nadia offers training on various topics of native plants from backyard gardens to rural farms across America. She’ll be bringing Missouri Native Plants to our menu for the night. 

Preparing the dinner will be Chef Drake Tillman. Chef Drake plans to open the Elkhart and The Robberson, at 300 E. Commercial Street in Springfield next year. This will be the first of many field & forest dinners with Elkhart and SCG. 

Dinner menu (subject to change):

Pizza dough with spruce butter

Bouquet of wild plants with whipped lemon balm yoghurt

Spiced beets, spice bush, wild mustard, pork fat 

Missouri wagyu, wild mushrooms and alliums

Slender mountain mint iced tea

Sassafras ice cream and flowers

Yellow clover meringue, wildflower honey sponge cake, elderflower

The workshop will be from 5-6:30, the cost for the wild edible workshop is $20.00. The dinner will be held after and is $60.00 a ticket. We will also have donation tickets available (rewarded with 2 complimentary cocktails provided by Copper Run Distillery) for $10

Dinner tickets are limited to 20 seats!