Sand Sisters + Rosie Women's Workshop

aug 06

5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Photo courtesy Self Love Club

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Aug 06 2019

5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

405 N Jefferson Ave
Springfield, MO
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Join Self Love Club and Rosie for a women's workshop at efactory, 22 years +. Enjoy light bites and refreshments as we dive into why women avoid taking risks. Whether that means launching a new product, being a new mother or simply having the confidence to introduce yourself at a networking event. Without risk there's little chance for growth. Together we'll make a plan to take steps to eliminate the fear-based triggers that are getting in the way of reaching our full potential. Tedi and Sonya will help you:
Identify Negative Self-Talk 
Identify Business or Personal Plateaus
Outline the Risk and Potential Outcomes
Gain Tools to Hold Yourself Accountable on Your Risk Taking Journey
Tedi and Sonya Serge are real sisters and co-founders of Sand Sisters Los Angeles, a youth empowerment nonprofit designed to make all girls feel seen, valued and heard.™ Their #GirlPowerful after school enrichment curriculum and workshops held in underserved communities are heavily influenced by social emotional learning (SEL). SEL helps students manage their emotions and build a strong sense of self.

Since 2012,Tedi and Sonya have been working with Gen Z. They have seen the impact of their work, mentoring over 1,000 children. Since they have been mentors to so many students and families they realized another need in the community. Working with women to develop their strong sense of self. "We want to give women the same interpersonal skills that we instill in our youth programming," says Sonya.

Self Love Club has worked with brands (TOMS, Refinery 29, Mate the Label, Pivotal, Deutsch LA, etc.) and found partnerships and friendships with hundreds along the way. "This is the year to design and execute your dream life. We can help you," says Tedi. Self Love Club is where women of all ages and backgrounds meet to connect, learn, grown and ultimately have fun during the process of life.

With profits from this event, Tedi and Sonya will be giving back to the Springfield, Mo community by hosting Girl Powerful workshops with underserved youth at Boys and Girls Club and the Northwest Project.