SLT Education Series Presents: Suddenly Someone

nov 15 |

nov 16 |

nov 17

7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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Nov 15 2018 | Nov 16 2018 | Nov 17 2018

7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

SLT Education Building
237 S Florence Ave
Springfield, MO
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Laramie Ellis

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About This Event

Suddenly Someone focuses on Michael Hope, an eighth grade boy who painfully deals with bullying in school and an absent father at home. Though he has good things in his world — a loving mom and sister, along with two devoted and caring friends — he finds it a daily struggle to feel his blessings. One day, unexpectedly, he gets forced into singing at his middle school’s annual talent show. To most everyone’s surprise, he’s wonderful. His whole life changes. He becomes an Internet sensation and a national phenomenon. Money, opportunity and fame come to him. Still, traumatized as he is by the losses and abuses he has endured throughout his life, he feels wholly undeserving of his good fortune. As former nemeses look to ingratiate themselves to him, and as his father reenters his life with dark motivations, he determines to fight, not only for the people who have been closest to his heart, but for himself. In doing so, he finally finds the one thing that had always been beyond his grasp: Gratitude.