10 Tips to a Cleaner Home

Just in time for your spring cleaning session, 417-land cleaning experts remind you of often-overlooked areas you shouldn’t forget to clean.

By Harrison Keegan

Apr 2014

10 tips to a cleaner home
Get your home in tip-top shape this spring to enjoy all year round.

Spring has sprung in 417-land, but after hibernating all winter, it is probably due time to clean out your den. We talked to Cheryl Sameshima, office manager at DomesticAide (2414 W. Battlefield Suite F, Springfield, 417-862-4414, and Kim Lucht, owner of Maids of Honor (3433 S. Campbell Ave., Suite K, Springfield, 417-881-4555, to learn a few spots you should make sure to clean this year.

1. Ceiling fans

These can be dust magnets that don’t often get cleaned because they’re not easy to reach. Sameshima says cleaning light fixtures on fans and the tops of blades can keep dust out of the air.

6. Baseboards

Lucht says baseboards may not look dirty until you get up close, but they can be magnets for dust and hair.

2. Bathroom light fixtures

Lucht says hair products can create a sticky glaze around bathroom lights that retains a lot of dust. Gross! 

7. Closets

Spring can be a great time for a little de-cluttering, Sameshima says. Out with the old; in with the new.

3. Tops of large furniture

Just because you can’t see the top of your armoire doesn’t mean it’s clean. Sameshima says out of sight shouldn’t mean out of mind. Dust that thing off!

8. Around appliances

Worried about what may be hiding under your oven? Lucht recommends pulling out your refrigerator or stove and cleaning behind it.


4. Walls

Lucht recommends using a mild disinfectant to clean the walls. This could help keep you from getting sick and shouldn’t hurt the paint.

9. Changing furnace filters

Don’t forget about those filters! Sameshima says changing them can cut down on dust in your home and also make a difference on your utility bill.


5. Carpets

Sameshima says it is a good idea to steam clean your carpets once or twice a year. The spring is the perfect time to do it after tracking salt and snow in all winter.

10. Vents

Lucht says cleaning out your air vents is good for home safety and will help keep the air clean.