Cutest Baby Winner 2014

After more than 200 nominations and a competitive voting process, Eisely Belle Garcia is the winner of 417 Magazine’s first-ever Cutest Baby Contest.

By Miranda McCabe

May 2014

Cutest Baby Winner 2014: Eisley Belle Garcia
Photo by Kevin O’RileyIn March, Eisley Belle Garcia was chosen as one of 20 finalists for our first Cutest Baby Contest. Next, all of the finalists’ photos were placed on Facebook for voting, and Eisley won the contest with more than 3,500 Facebook likes. Purchase Photo

Throughout February and March, 417-land moms and dads nominated their adorable bundles of joy to 417 Magazine’s Cutest Baby Contest. Cox-Health sponsored the event, and the contestants’ entry fees benefited local charities. More than 200 nominations rolled in, which made choosing the 20 finalists no easy task. Once they were selected, the reader voting process began. Now it’s time to meet the winner, Eisley Belle Garcia, who gets a prize pack valued at more than $450. 

Eisley’s mom, Suzannah Garcia, snapped a darling shot of Eisley playing outside, and it was that picture that caught voters’ attention. Suzannah says people all over the world logged on to vote for Eisley, including her aunt in Amsterdam. Even her grandpa, Nick Sibley, got on board to garner votes by making a video that features Eisley’s uncle singing a jingle. Read on for a quick baby-centric Q&A with Suzannah.

417 Magazine: What are Eisley’s baby hobbies?
S.G.: Eisley loves music! Especially when she gets to see her grandpa, Nick Sibley, play in his band at McSalty’s Pizza Café. She loves watching Tom and Jerry and The Wizard of Oz and playing outside all day.

417: Describe Eisley’s personality?
S.G.: She is the happiest baby and very content. She has slept 12 hours since she was 2 months old. We drove all the way to Louisiana and back, and she never cried! Eisley laughs all the time, particularly at her dad when he makes funny faces and throws her in the air.

417: What was her first word?
S.G. Her first word was Dada. She said it the day we entered the contest.

417: Who does Eisley look like?
S.G.: She has my eyes, but a lot of my husband’s other features.

417: What made you want to do this contest?
S.G.: We love the magazine, and my mom told me about the contest. Eisley tends to be pretty good at taking pictures, so we decided to give it a try. It has been fun!

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