Faces of 417-Land

417 Cosmetics

The Face of Permanent Cosmetics.

Jan 2018

Photo by Alex Solomon

How long is your morning makeup routine? Think of the extra time you’d have if you cut that in half. As the owner of 417 Cosmetics, I can give you back hours of your life. No, I’m not a magician; I’m a permanent makeup artist. 

For the past five years, I’ve learned everything there is to know about permanent makeup and even complete two to three advanced trainings every year. I’m devoted to being the best in the business, meaning better results for you. To me, the experience my clients have is just as important as the results. That’s why the atmosphere at 417 Cosmetics is relaxing, fun and—most importantly—completely safe and sterile. 

Your makeup helps give you confidence and feel beautiful. Let 417 Cosmetics make it one step easier.

636 W Republic Rd. Ste B104, Springfield | 417-763-0229 | 417cosmetics.com

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