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Dr. Bharat Shah Mercy Clinic Medical Spa

The Face of Facial Plastic Surgery.

Jan 2021

Dr. Bharat Shah Mercy Medical Spa Springfield MO
Photo by Joe and a CameraDr. Bharat Shah

I’m taking facial plastic surgery in 417-land to another level.

My passion is to bring advanced facial surgical procedures and big-city medicine right here to Springfield. I travel the world to acquire the most revolutionary techniques, like a new facelift procedure from Rome, advances in nanofat grafting from Marseille and more.

You’ll receive excellent care from our entire staff and can be confident that when you’re in my operating room, I’m leading the team and performing your facial surgery. You can trust your face to my experience and reputation for excellence.

1229 E Seminole St., Suite 310, Springfield | 417-820-9340 | shahplasticsurgery.com

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