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Crighton Aesthetic Studio

The Face of Bellafill®.

Jan 2021

M. Nanette Crighton, MD of Crighton Aesthetic Studio in Springfield, MO
Photo by Joe and a CameraM. Nanette Crighton, MD

We now know that volume loss in the face begins in a person’s twenties. This is all a part of the natural aging process: your fat pads begin to shrink, skin thins due to the slow decline in collagen and elastin production and, later in life, bone resorption appears.

Crighton Aesthetic Studio offers a solution. Bellafill® provides structure and volume, and stimulates collagen and elastin production so that you can pull the reins on aging. It’s called the five-year filler. It’s so effective, a skin test is required.

Crighton Aesthetic Studio is the Face of Bellafill®. Come in for your personal complimentary consultation.

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