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Crighton Aesthetic Studio

The Face of Botox.

Jan 2021

M. Nanette Crighton, MD of Crighton Aesthetic Studio in Springfield, MO
Photo by Joe and a CameraM. Nanette Crighton, MD

Time marches on. And it will march right across your face!

Every expression creates a group of wrinkles that wears out the collagen in your skin. While this begins in your twenties, by the time your forties arrive, those “dynamic” wrinkles that once went completely away after the expression was gone now become “static” wrinkles that are visible with no expression whatsoever.

Help is found in well-placed botulinum toxin A at Crighton Aesthetic Studio. A few injections about every three months will help eliminate those static lines, creating a smoother skin surface, thus a more youthful face.

Call Dr. Crighton. She is, after all, the Face of Botox.

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