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Crighton Aesthetic Studio

The Face of Botox.

Jan 2019

M. Nanette Crighton, MD of Crighton Aesthetic Studio in Springfield, MO
Photo by Brad ZweerinkM. Nanette Crighton, MD

Life is a continuum of facial expression. I raise my eyebrows in disbelief or surprise. I frown in frustration, concentration, or despair. Soon, the lines of expression remain even after the emotion evaporates. The result left behind is a look of exhaustion or anger when I feel neither. Botox subdues those muscles of facial expression, allowing the skin to fill the lines with collagen. I can still frown, raise my eyebrows, smile with abandon. But once the emotion has gone, so have the lines. I am smooth. Why should you call me at Crighton Aesthetic Studio? Because…I am the Face of Botox!

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