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Greenlawn Funeral Home

The Face of Honoring Life.

Jan 2021

Jake Diemer of Greenlawn Funeral Home in Springfield MO
Photo by Joe and a CameraJake Diemer

In 1876, my great-great-grandfather Joseph Diemer settled in the area as one of Springfield’s earliest pioneer families. In 1905 his son, Judge Ben J. Diemer, saw a need in the community and marked off part of the Diemer farm, starting the Greenlawn Cemetery. Having a fondness for trees, he planted hundreds of maple trees. Today they stand as a testament to the forethought of one man and are enjoyed by thousands who drive by to see them each fall. Greenlawn Funeral Home was started by our family in 1966 with the construction of Greenlawn North. We expanded with Greenlawn Funeral Home South in 1976 and Greenlawn Funeral Home Branson in 1987. In 1996, we purchased Pitts Chapel, and Greenlawn Funeral Home East was completed in 2006.

3540 E. Seminole St., Springfield | 417-887-6565
441 W. Battlefield Rd., Springfield | 417-881-3000
3506 N. National Ave., Springfield | 417-883-1111

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