Faces of 417-Land

Loehr Chiropractic and Acupuncture

The Face of Chiropractic.

Jan 2018

Photo by Alex Solomon

Colic, sports injuries, pregnancy pains, migraines, even common health problems. At Loehr Chiropractic, there’s no case we can’t crack. It only takes pressure equal to the weight of a dime on your spinal nerve to affect function by 40 percent. That means decreased ability and pain. Sometimes you’ll do anything to feel better: taking medications with side effects, even surgery. Either of those options is expensive and definitely no fun. 

Our team knows laughter is the best medicine, so we work to entertain patients while providing the highest level of care available. Our office was designed to offer the most inviting, lively environment in the area. With a separate family waiting room that includes a couch, kids’ chairs, bean bags and toys, we aim to make each experience comfortable for the entire family. 

At Loehr Chiropractic, we focus on holistic healing for the entire family while having fun. We empower and lead our patients, employees and community to be healthier through individualized services, wellness education and ongoing support. Explore your family’s health options with our team, and discover the positive alternatives to medication and surgery. Before taking extreme measures, give us a chance. We’d love to crack your case.

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