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Loehr Family Birth and Wellness

The Face of Holistic Birth

Jan 2022

Loehr Family Birth and Wellness
Photo by Brandi KeltnerAmy Garrison, CPM; Mary Walsh, CPM; Dr. Steven Loehr, DC, CACCP; Carla Rouw, CNM, IBCLC, CCE

Since 2012, Loehr Family Birth and Wellness has built an impeccable safety record, delivering over a thousand babies and providing thousands of women’s health service visits.

We believe birth is a natural process best supported through monitoring and encouragement, while minimizing intervention. Since every woman’s situation is unique, we use personalized and attentive health care to get to know each client. We also promote integrity and trust by presenting medical research in a non-biased manner, allowing clients to make informed decisions.

Through longer prenatal visits and continual support, we transform prenatal care and birth into patient-centered and comfortable experiences.

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