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Morning Day Café

The Face of RBF (Resting Brunch Face)

Jan 2022

Miranda Barchers of Morning Day Cafe in Nixa MO
Photo by Joe and a CameraMiranda Barchers

Brunch is more than just a breakfast or lunch out; I believe brunch should be a vacation from the mundane.

From the dark early hours of baking biscuits, quiche and muffins, to late nights of roasting and blending coffees, my team works to create your perfect experience. Our dishes are elegant and whimsical, our specialty coffees and espresso are roasted in-house, and our cocktails are an ideal complement to any dish or daypart. Friends old and new are always welcome at our table.

*Repeated exposure to Morning Day can cause lasting side effects such as resting brunch face. Symptoms include a general feeling of wellbeing and the occasional need to toss a stack of pancakes... or two.

105 S. Main St., Nixa | 417-494-5055 | morningdaycafe.com

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