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Morning Day Café

The Face of RBF (Resting Brunch Face).

Jan 2021

Miranda Barchers of Morning Day Cafe in Nixa MO
Photo by Joe and a CameraMiranda Barchers

Brunch is more than just a breakfast or lunch out. Brunch is an unbuttoned, upscale getaway from the norm. A place where cocktails before noon and espresso late in the day is gleefully accepted. I believe brunch should be a vacation from the mundane. From the dark early hours of baking biscuits, quiche and muffins to the late nights of crafting small bites and libations, my dedicated team and I work to set your perfect table. 

Our dishes are elegant and whimsical, our specialty coffees and espresso are roasted in-house and our cocktails are an ideal complement to any dish or time of day. From the wake-me-up aromas to that first sip of coffee, it’s no doubt that you will find my resting brunch face mid-smile and eager to welcome yet another friend to the table.

105 S. Main St., Nixa | 417-494-5055 | morningdaycafe.com

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