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Faces of 417-Land

Pierce Vision Specialists

The Face of Family Eye Care

Jan 2022

Dr. Julia Mobilio, Dr. David Pierce Dr. Courtney Wintjen
Photo by Brandi KeltnerDr. Julia Mobilio, Dr. David Pierce Dr. Courtney Wintjen

Our vision care goes beyond prescribing glasses and contacts. Through our experienced doctors and therapists, patients of all ages receive personalized attention in all aspects of their eye care.

We strive to help patients in our community better understand the world they see. Whether it is offering examinations to identify an eye health condition, using visual perception and processing strategies to help a child enhance their learning, or making exciting developments with our dry eye treatments, our services go beyond measuring “20/20” on an eye chart.

Visit our office to learn about how our family can take care of yours.

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