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We’re Whitaker Publishing, a life-improvement company in Springfield, Missouri serving more than 130,000 monthly readers. We produce award-winning publications, have a custom publishing division, a ticketing platform and an event planning division. While we're at it, we host parties and events for movers, shakers and everyone in between. There’s more to come. We promise.


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Whitaker Publishing is a life-improvement company. We enrich our readers' lives with quality information presented in an attractive, entertaining way; our advertising clients with attractive, effective media to reach those readers; and our associates with a positive work environment that rewards professionalism and creativity.



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To inquire about advertising, please call Ammie Scott at 417-883-7417.


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Photographers and readers may submit photos of local interest by email to with a clear subject line, or on a disc to the 417 Magazine office. Images should be high resolution/300 dpi, digital jpeg or tif files without watermark. Please explicitly state the subject matter/location for each image in the email body. For large collections of images, please include a few samples as stated above and include a direct link to the full online gallery.

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