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  • 5 Best Thrills

    Adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers will love these summer rides and attractions. Bring out your adventurous...

  • Cool Off Water Chute

    For 40 Years, Pat Rose and her family have been operating the Cool Off Water Chute—a giant waterslide that has...

  • Seven Questions with Jan Creger

    The woman who creates the wardrobe for the Radio City Rockettes lives in Branson during her off-season, making...

  • Sound of Music

    Meet three Springfield bands who are churning out great music and who we recommend adding to your playlist.

  • Down Home Charm

    Life is slow and easy in the small town of Reeds Spring, and there’s more than good pizza to make it worth a...

  • Ask Dylan

    417 Magazine’s General Manager Dylan Whitaker is now your personal answer man. Every month, he’s at your...

  • Tackling Longs Peak

    Looking for a new challenge, Senior Editor Savannah Waszczuk traveled to Colorado and climbed Longs Peak, the...

  • Best Summer Ever!

    S​ummer is finally here, and we’re here to help you make it the best summer ever!

  • Which Playground Should I Take My Kids To?

    Looking for the perfect spot to spend a sunny afternoon with the kiddos? Let our handy flowchart help you decide...

  • Kimmswick, MO

    Located just 25 miles south of St. Louis, Mastodon State Park and the town of Kimmswick are the perfect getaway...

  • SkyFit

    Senior Editor Savannah Waszczuk jumped up a sweat at SkyFit, the new workout class at Sky Zone, Springfield’s...

  • Good Health, Naturally

    Interested in trying to boost your health with essential oils or supplements? Some 417-landers share their...

  • Meet a Staffer: Bernadette  Pry

    On this page, we introduce you to one of the people who help make 417 Magazine happen. This month, meet...

  • Salon Service Group

    Salon Service Group’s 57,000-square-foot headquarters pairs the best of modern design with an industrial edge.

  • Hannibal Missouri

    Take a bookish weekend getaway, and visit Hannibal. This Mississippi River town is steeped in Mark Twain...

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  • Tuna Cake from Sakura

    Chopped spicy tuna and a sauce with a kick heat up this app.

  • Hangar Kafe

    We traveled to Miller for lunch at Hangar Kafe, a cute little restaurant located in an airplane hangar.

  • Refrigerator Pickles

    Follow these easy steps to make your own pickles.

  • The Best Part of Brunch

    Picture the perfect Sunday: sleeping in, waking up to a gorgeous, sunny-and-65 day and then heading out to...

  • Seven Good Things

    These seven dishes or drinks have passed our taste buds and made us rave. They are ranked by level of yumminess.

  • Back to Kai

    We revisit an old Springfield favorite, Kai, for steak and sushi.

  • Smoked Catfish Cake

    These seven dishes or drinks have passed our taste buds and made us rave. They are ranked by level of yumminess.

  • Garbo's Pizzeria

    We re-visit Garbo’s Pizzeria, a Springfield restaurant that’s been serving up St. Louis–style pies for 25...

  • Metropolitan Farmer Cooking Class

    Chef Wesley Johnson of Metropolitan Farmer leads this month’s 417 Magazine Cooking Class and takes guests on a...

  • Mama Mia!

    You don’t need noodles to enjoy the delicious meatballs from Circle B Ranch. This local farm is making food...

  • Nutella Donut

    In February 2015, buzzfeed.com ranked this donut No. 2 in a “33 Doughnuts You Have To Try Before You Die”...

  • Ead’s Elephant

    The Ead’s Elephant is made with vodka, grapefruit juice, rosemary simple syrup and blueberry caviar.

  • Scotch & Soda’s Sunday Brunch

    Downtown Springfield’s bar scene just got an early morning wakeup call thanks to Scotch & Soda’s brunch...

  • The Coffee Ethic's Beer Flight

    The Coffee Ethic doesn't just serve coffee!

  • Koriya's Bibimbap

    Bibimbap is packed with a variety of tasty veggies, like kale, bean sprouts, zucchini, mushrooms and more.

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  • Sassy Cover Ups

    This summer, local boutiques are filled with dresses that double as the most perfect swimsuit cover-ups. With...

  • Amelia Madden

    Amelia Madden, a new specialty bra and intimates shop in Springfield, specializes in making customers feel...

  • Captain Dad

    417-land boutiques have everything you need to dress the main man in your life in the latest lake-ready attire.

  • Yogi Duds

    Learn what fabulous yoga wear 417-land workout studios and clothing boutiques are keeping in stock.

  • Keep your Face Looking Fresh

    Aestheticians Elle Feldman, owner of Lavare Spa, and Jillian Kane, of the Center For Plastic Surgery, shed some...

  • Wine Down

    Our resident fashionista, Kaye Lee, goes shopping at 417-land boutiques to find extra-fabulous wine bottles and...

  • An Artists Touch

    Get lost in styles so rich in detail you will look like a work of art.

  • Slip on Some Yala

    Cozy, chic and oh-so-comfy, it’s no wonder Yala women’s wear is so popular at The Market.

  • Perfect Eyeliner

    This go-to eyeliner method will have you looking fabulous even on your days off.

  • Spring into Fashion

    Our resident fashionista, Kaye Lee, does a little warm-weather shopping at Nixa-area boutiques.

  • The Polish Pottery Shoppe

    The Polish Pottery Shoppe sells a beautiful variety of pottery, blown glass and other handcrafted works of art.

  • Of the Elements

    You know what they say, birds of a feather flock together, and the same goes for this season’s finger bling....

  • Down to Earth

    Your favorite accessories are getting an earthy makeover this season with organic patterns and neutral hues....

  • Pack it Up

    Cozy, handy and ruggedly chic, these nine travel buddies are the perfect compliment to your Weekend Getaway.

  • Keeping Time

    Big, beautiful and always stylish, these eye-catching watches can be worn by both men and women.

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  • 5 Best Thrills

    Adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers will love these summer rides and attractions. Bring out your adventurous...

  • 5 Best Ways to Get Your Beer Fix This Month

    With so many local craft breweries calling 417-land home, it’s time to raise a glass and enjoy your favorite...

  • 5 Best Things to do in April

    You’ve been holed up inside for way too long. This month, outdoor 417-land comes alive again, and we rounded...

  • 5 Best Non-Traditional Nachos

    Join us on a mouthwatering journey where we wave bye-bye to typical tortilla chips-and-cheese nachos and find...

  • 5 Best Beer Cocktails

    417-land bartenders are adding a frothy, hoppy twist to some of our favorite cocktails by adding beer to the mix.

  • 5 Best Cozy Warm-Up Spots

    Even on the coldest of winter days, there are a handful of 417-land restaurants that are ready and waiting to...

  • Five Best Food gifts

    We’ve all been there: You’re invited to a holiday party and want to bring a tasty treat for the hosts, but...

  • 5 Best Drink Flights

    Sometimes you meet up with friends for drinks after work, and one kind of wine doesn’t sound like it will cut...

  • 5 Best Falafel Dishes

    We rounded up five of our favorite local falafel dishes. Ready to give it a try? Just dig in.

  • 5 Best Fall Fests

    This month starts fall festival season in 417-land, and it seems like every little town in our region has...

  • 5 Best Fish Tacos

    Tacos are the perfect handheld food, but there’s something about a good fish taco that takes it to the next...

  • 5 Best Cool Treats

    We found five delicious desserts that are sure to cool you down on the hottest 417-land days.

  • 5 Best Guacamoles

    We rounded up our five favorite bowls of guacamole from local eateries—just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

  • 5 Best Reasons to  Go Cards Crazy

    This year is the Springfield Cardinals’ 10th season, and we rounded up our five favorite reasons to get...

  • 5 Best Cuban Sandwiches

    There’s something magical about biting into crunchy bread and getting a mouthful of juicy meat and tangy...

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