Meet These 8 Springfield Businesses that Can Improve Your Health and Wellness

From plastic surgery to dental care, these industry leaders in Southwest Missouri can help you find health and happiness.

Apr 26 2024 at 10 a.m.

Businesses across 417-land are dedicated to enhancing the lives of local residents. With a focus on empowering individuals to reach their full potential, these companies strive to create a community where everyone can thrive and become their happiest and healthiest selves. 

The team at Excel Dental
Photo by Christina Mullen(From left) Dr. Robin Talley, Dr. Tracy Davis, Dr. Janis Scott

Excel Dental Pioneers Health-Focused Dentistry

1701 W. James River Rd., Ozark; 417-581-3600  

It’s no coincidence that Excel Dental’s tagline is “smile healthy.” If individuals have been around their office in the last few years, they most likely have heard about how a healthy smile helps to keep their overall body healthier. But the clinic is just beginning its quest for healthier smiles and healthier patients.

Their mission: New research, new technology and a new passion for health are why their office is pushing forward with increased health focus. Of course, they love beautiful smiles, but there’s so much they can do to help individuals improve their health. Imagine a world where saliva can be analyzed for bacteria, yeast and viruses. That world is today! But it’s not just testing for it; it’s knowing what to do, when to do it and how to follow up when individuals get the results. They will be hearing a whole lot more about this from the clinic in the coming years as they constantly improve their office for the benefit of their patients’ health. Guests are encouraged to come in to check them out and see how they can start making improvements in their health to be their best selves.

Q&A with Dr. Tracy Davis

417: What do you recommend to patients to be their healthiest?
Dr. Tracy Davis: It’s important that we carefully listen to the patient’s desires. Of course, all treatment plans are always individualized to what each patient is seeking.

417: What does being your best self mean to you?
T.D.: In our office, being your “best self” means a healthy smile that is functioning well and helps you to feel good about yourself.

417: What do your customers typically think of when they’re trying to achieve their healthiest selves?
T.D.: It depends on where they are individually. If they’re in pain, it means taking care of any infection that might be present. If there are dental issues present, it may mean restoring their smile back to health and function. If they are self-conscious about their smile appearance, it may mean a total smile makeover!

The team at Cereset
Photo by Leah Stiefermann(From left) Erin Owens, Jess Lowery, Dr. Diana Eul, Cassie Mueller Purchase Photo

Experience Brain-Based Wellness at Cereset® Springfield

2039 S. Brentwood Blvd., Springfield; 417-616-7802

The brain is at the center of everything you do—from succeeding in your career to caring for your loved ones to healing from injury or trauma and much more. When the brain is out of balance, it’s impossible to function at your true potential.

Their mission: At Cereset® Springfield, Dr. Diana Eul and her team are passionate about balancing the brain, alleviating the effects of stress and trauma, and helping people achieve their highest level of well-being. Other brain-based technology work from the outside in, requiring a physical and emotional effort that may be out of a client’s reach, but Cereset® technology works from the inside out. Cereset® is the only proven technology that is non-invasive and highly effective to help your brain relax and reset.

What they do: Cereset® Springfield works with anyone who desires more energy and joy in their life. Dr. Eul and her staff assist first responders, health care professionals, trauma survivors, athletes, parents, adults and children with ADHD and aging clients who want to maintain mental acuity. Clients attest to a myriad of benefits, including improved sleep, enhanced cognitive function and a greater sense of purpose and joy in life.

Take the first step toward building a life you love. Call Cereset® Springfield today.

Q&A with Dr. Diana Eul

417: What do you recommend to clients to be their best self? 
Dr. Diana Eul: We advocate living a healthy lifestyle that promotes brain development. This includes adequate hydration, positive sleep hygiene habits, a balanced protein-rich diet, limiting screen time and regular exercise. These habits are crucial for enhancing overall cognitive function.

417:  Why did you choose to go into your current profession?
D.E.: I learned the benefits of Cereset® during a trauma certification program through the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals. I immediately knew I needed to bring this technology to the Springfield community and help people achieve their best self. 

417: What sets your business apart from your competitors?
D.E.: Other brain-based technologies work from the outside in, requiring emotional and physical effort. Cereset® works from the inside out, asking the client to relax. We use EEG technology to record brain activity, convert it to sound and let the client hear their brain, sense imbalance and naturally come back into balance. 

The team at Center for Plastic Surgery
Photo by Brandy Keltner(From left) Dr. Robert Shaw, Dr. Connor Barnes and Dr. Carl Price

CoxHealth’s Center for Plastic Surgery: Trusted Experts in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Procedures for Over 30 Years

3555 S. National Ave. 5th floor, Springfield; 417-875-3246

From all types of cosmetic procedures to full reconstructive surgeries after a difficult  cancer diagnosis, countless patients have trusted the Center for Plastic Surgery at CoxHealth for over 30 years. Their five surgeons have a combined 80 years of experience and their nursing and front office staff have decades of experience. When it comes to plastic surgery, one of the most important things is to find a team with that kind of experience and accreditation to back it up. The Center for Plastic Surgery’s practice has some of the most highly trained and nationally recognized providers in the entire region. They are all board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the only AMA- and ABMA-recognized board for the field.

Their mission: The Center for Plastic Surgery was founded on the belief that aging is a treatable condition, not a foregone conclusion. Their approach to slowing, preventing and even reversing the signs of aging is through early detection and appropriate intervention, combining state-of-the-art plastic surgery with scientifically proven anti-aging therapeutics and products.

For more information: If you are looking for an individualized game plan and excellent results, call the experts at the Center for Plastic Surgery at 417-875-3246.

Q&A with Dr. Robert Shaw

417: How do you deliver your personal best to clients? 
Dr. Robert Shaw: With nearly 80 years of combined experience, we try to deliver excellent outcomes and help people reach their goals every day.

417: Why did you choose to go into your current profession? 
R.S.: Plastic Surgery is a broad and challenging field and one that requires attention to detail and meticulous planning. The patient interactions bring us so much joy as we are able to help them achieve their goals. 

417: What do you love most about your business? 
R.S.: We love being able to help patients navigate the reconstructive process as they navigate a difficult cancer diagnosis. We are able to help people reach their reconstructive and cosmetic surgery goals in an individualized and expert setting.

The team at Burrell Behavioral Health and Eating Disorder Services
Photo by Katy St. Clair(Back row) Kelly Huisenga, N.D., LPC; Kayla Pham, MSW, LCSW; Alaina Steele, LCSW; Payton Phillips, BS (Front row) Sherrie Lambert, LCSW; Kayley Myers, MS, RD, LD; Stephanie Robbins, MS, LPC, adii; Sara Dee, LPC Purchase Photo

Burrell Leads Mission to Expand Eating Disorder Services in Southwest Missouri

Springfield, Missouri; 417-761-5000

Their mission: Stephanie Robbins’ mission to provide eating disorder services in Southwest Missouri stems from a decades-long struggle with an eating disorder of her own. After seeking treatment at the nearest location offering it—three hours away from her Springfield home—Robbins decided to become a therapist and help others access care in Southwest Missouri.

What they offer: Through Burrell Behavioral Health’s RecoverED Eating Disorder Services, Robbins and her team of therapists, dietitians, psychiatrists and community support specialists offer intensive outpatient treatment, both in-person and virtually, to clients young and old, regardless of income. Roughly half of RecoverED’s clients are either on Medicare/Medicaid or uninsured. RecoverED Eating Disorder Services recently earned the Missouri Eating Disorders Council’s Center of Excellence designation. 

For more information: Learn more about what RecoverED offers at

Q&A with Program Director Stephanie Robbins and Clinical Providers Sara Dee and Alaina Steele

417: What is your advice for someone struggling with an eating disorder?
Stephanie Robbins: Surround yourself with support to help you take the steps you need, even when those steps are scary. Find your purpose and passion in life and be receptive to those who can offer you help along your journey. And don’t ever let anything stop you from pursuing your dreams!

417: What inspires you to help people with eating disorders?
Sara Dee: I want to see the stigma that you have to look a certain way to have an eating disorder disappear. I want clients of all shapes and sizes to know that if they have an eating disorder, they deserve to be treated for an eating disorder.

417: What does being your best self mean to you and your clients?
Alaina Steele: For us at RecoverED, being our “best self” is embracing our authenticity including those imperfections and quirky qualities that make us unique. We highly encourage each individual to find their personal power in whatever form that may look like. “Best self” looks like the pursuit of joy, personal grace and intentional empowerment!

The team at The Crafted Clinic
Photo by Leah Stiefermann(From left) Paige Bybee, Amanda Hyde, Hailey Brown Purchase Photo

Unlock Your Radiance with The Crafted Clinic’s Services

205 E. Madison St., Marshfield; 417-221-5700

​​Ready to step into your most radiant self? 

Their mission: Discover the ultimate transformation with The Crafted Clinic’s tailored Best Self services. Whether individuals are preparing for their significant day or simply embracing their inner glow, The Crafted Clinic has the solution. 

What they offer: From wrinkle relaxer injections to dermal fillers, weight loss and hormone replacement therapy, their comprehensive offerings ensure clients radiate confidence. But the expertise doesn’t stop there. It extends to skincare and weight loss, ensuring individuals are not just bridal-ready but empowered to be their best selves. Experience luxury with a personal touch. The team at The Crafted Clinic provides high-end treatments in a welcoming atmosphere, garnering praise for their professionalism and personalized approach. Join The Crafted Clinic on the journey to radiance.

Dr. Brock Buzbee and Dr. Roger Buzbee of Chesterfield Family and Cosmetic Dental Centers.
Photo by Katy St. ClairDr. Brock Buzbee (left) and Dr. Roger Buzbee (right) of Chesterfield Family and Cosmetic Dental Centers. Purchase Photo

Meet Dr. Brock and Dr. Roger Buzbee: Leading Comprehensive Dental Care at Chesterfield Family and Cosmetic Dental Centers 

2104 W. Chesterfield St., Springfield; 417-888-0771

Dr. Brock Buzbee and Dr. Roger Buzbee of Chesterfield Family and Cosmetic Dental Centers prioritize comprehensive care and patient satisfaction in a warm environment. 

Their history: Dr. Roger Buzbee, a Las Vegas Institute for Cosmetic Studies graduate, excels in cosmetic dentistry and full-mouth rehabilitation. Dr. Brock Buzbee, a UMKC School of Dentistry graduate, previously graduated Summa Cum Laude from UMKC. Affiliated with the MDA, ADA, AAFE and Springfield Dental Society, their passion lies in fostering lasting relationships, connecting with patients and crafting confident smiles.

What they offer: They specialize in cosmetics, implant restoration, endodontics, preventive health, Botox and more, understanding the link between oral health and overall well-being. 

Relax at Nu Essence Spa in Springfield, MO.
Photo courtesy of ShutterstockNu Essence Spa has everything you need to treat yourself to the most relaxing spa experience.

Treat Yourself to a Spa Day at Nu Essence Spa

Nu Essence Spa is inviting you to treat yourself to a spa day. Spring is for growth, renewal and beauty. Sometimes investing in yourself can be the catalyst that propels you into living your best life from self-care to dreams and desires.

What they offer: Nu Essence Spa offers a wide range of services from manicures and lashes to facials and massages. With a staff of over 35 professionals, it is easy to get multiple services done during one visit to this locally-owned retreat! Come on over, put on that plush robe and sink into relaxation with Nu Essence Spa in Springfield.

Vanessa Howe of BelowZero Cryo Spa in Springfield, MO.
Photo by Katy St. ClairVanessa Howe, owner of BelowZero Cryo Spa. Purchase Photo

Discover BelowZero Cryo Spa’s Cryotherapy and Recovery Services

1374 E. Republic Rd., Springfield; 417-360-1044

Vanessa Howe, owner of BelowZero Cryo Spa, embarked on her wellness venture after a transformative experience with cryotherapy. 

What they offer: Motivated by her son’s encouragement and her own journey in pain management, Howe established the wellness and recovery spa in Springfield, offering full body cryotherapy, infrared and red light sauna, cryo facials and sculpting, cold plunge, contour red light bed and compression therapy. Howe’s passion lies in enhancing lives through pain relief and overall wellness. From young athletes to seniors seeking relief, clients find solace in the spa’s various services. With a dedicated team and a welcoming, positive environment, BelowZero Cryo Spa fosters a sense of community and well-being, leaving clients rejuvenated and uplifted. 

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