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On a monthly basis, 417 Magazine reaches more than 125,000 active, engaged readers who have the discretionary income to purchase the products and services that cater to their lifestyles. In fact, 40% of ALL spending in Southwest Missouri comes from 417 Magazine subscribers. That's a powerful economic force, especially considering that 77% of our audience frequently purchases products and services from ads seen in our publications.

In addition, we are followed by more than 65,517 social media users, host more than 3,496 guests at our annual events, and have a competitively high open rate among our more than 50,000 e-newsletter subscribers. Our websites also have 59,284 monthly visitors on average.

We'd love to help you make our audience your audience, too.

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Our readers are


Average household income of $170,389


79% frequently purchase from ads seen in our magazines

Decision Makers

75% are business owners or senior managers

Luxury Homeowners

Average home value is $500,868


60% have children


75% attend charitable events annually

“I started with the bare minimum when it came to advertising dollars with the magazine, and with growth, I am now at a prime location each month with a full page ad.”
— Sarah Schaeffer, The Uptown Boutique

"Until very recently, Paperwise had little influence in 417. We were a nationally-recognized software company with international clientele, but very few people in our region knew who we were and what we did. Partnering with the 417 team allowed us the chance to reconnect with leaders from all across our community in just a few short months—something we couldn’t have dreamed about doing without their events."

417 Magazine has been a huge asset to me for branding my business. I love the time and effort everyone takes in working with me and my brand and that the vision is clear. I also appreciate knowing this is not just a short term investment for my company—it is a long term relationship."

"I am positive we would not have enjoyed the success our first year has brought to us without the help of the crew at 417. They take the time to get to know you, your business and your goals for advertising. We ask every customer as they enter our store how they heard of us, and 80% say they saw our ads in 417. If you could only pick one form of advertising for your business, do yourself a favor and make it 417."

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