Dining Day Trips

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Gaston's White River Resort in Lakeview, Arkansas, offers a plethora of fine-dining options, including pan-seared rainbow trout with a house-made sauce and a loaded baked potato. The main dining room at the restaurant overlooks the gorgeous White River.

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There’s a whole lot of delicious food that’s served up outside of the Springfield city limits, and we made it our mission to find the very best of it. Equipped with growling bellies and full tanks of gas, we sent four writers on a mouthwatering multi-day journey from corner to corner in 417-land and beyond to find the tastiest, most inventive restaurants dotted throughout the Ozarks. On each and every one of these gut-busting day treks, we visited and taste-tested the towns’ best eateries to make sure they offer up plenty of deliciousness in exchange for a day’s drive. After we packed ourselves full of decadent French food, gourmet farm-to-table fare and a whole lot of tasty fish, wraps, sandwiches, steaks, pies, cakes and more, we all came to an agreement: Every one of these restaurants is dishing out food that is more than worthy of a couple hours behind the wheel. Ready for your own ambrosial adventure? Hop in the car, crank up the tunes and get hungry for a road trip.

Written By: Ettie Berneking, Katie Pollock Estes, Rose Marthis and Savannah Waszczuk with additional reporting by Riley De León

Photographed By: Brandon Alms, Chuck Travers and Kevin O’Riley

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