Geometric, Beaded, Furry Statement Earrings for Fall

Statement earrings were all over the place this summer, and these larger styles are not going anywhere for fall. Here are some of our favorite modern styles that pair perfectly with your seasonal wardrobe.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this article was fact checked and accurate at press time, but 417 Magazine cannot guarantee its accuracy indefinitely.

1. Stellar earrings, $22 at MODERN Society

2. Beaded tassel earrings, $15.50 at The Red Poppy Boutique

3. Leather fringe earrings, $12.99 at Shaila’s Boutique

4. Thread-wrapped ball tassel earrings, $15 at The Red Poppy Boutique

5. Terra pearl earrings, $12.99 at Shaila’s Boutique

6. ITs Sense earrings, $12.99 at Shaila’s Boutique

7. Terra earrings, $9.99 at Shaila’s Boutique

8. Fur earrings, $5 at Shaila’s Boutique  

9. Adorne gold hoop earrings, $13 at Acacia Spa

10. Hoop black pom pom earrings, $35 at Harem & Company

11. Ella Jude earrings, $37.95 at The Market

12. Adorne silver earrings, $17 at Acacia Spa

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