Cold Weather Coziness with Angela Houska

Learn how Angela Houska embraces cold weather and creates moments of hygge throughout her home.

by Heather Kane Kohler

Dec 2023

417: What is hygge?
Angela Houska:
Hygge is about finding joy in the simple things, creating a sense of comfort and nurturing your well-being. Incorporating these things and activities into your daily life can help you embrace the hygge lifestyle and enjoy the cozy moments of everyday life. My partner and I were lucky enough to visit Scandinavia to visit some friends in 2016 and 2018. It only took one visit to realize that Hygge is more than a feeling, it’s a lifestyle. Hygge, pronounced “hyoo-guh,” is a Danish concept that encompasses comfort, coziness and well-being. Hygee is utilized year round, but it gets extra special during the winter months here in the Ozarks.

417: What are your favorite textiles?
I invest in soft, plush blankets and throws made from natural materials like wool. I especially love a sheepskin throw: placed on a sofa or even where your feet hit the ground first thing in the morning. Sunset by Freeman Home (303 E Commercial St., Springfield) has the best sheepskin throws!

417: You’re a bit known for your love of fire building on Instagram. What is it about a roaring fire that you love the most?
Lighting a fire is a sure way to add some hygge to your day. It ignites all the senses. I love to use Piñon firewood, from Brickstone Ace Hardware (1791 W. James River Rd., Ozark). It makes a hot aromatic fire and burns nicely.

417: How do you use lighting to add coziness to your home?
I like utilizing soft, warm lighting through table and floor lamps. If there’s a plant in a corner with an outlet nearby, a small lamp behind it emits the coziest of light and shadows within a space. Another type of lighting to add coziness to the home is candles. I love tapered candles, beeswax candles and scented candles with smells of cedar wood, amber, sandal or bergamot. Schaffitzel's Flowers & Greenhouses (1771 E. Atlantic St., Springfield) often has some beautiful tapers. Sunset by Freeman Home has a favorite brand, P.F Candle Co.

417: What cozy drinks do you like?
There’s nothing cozier on a cold winter day than a cup full of your favorite tasty drink keeping your hands warm. Chai tea, coffee, mulled wine, whatever your favorite may be—have it on hand and ready to enjoy and share with loved ones. Brown Derby Wine Center (2023 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield) has a great assortment of one of my favorite teas, Harney & Son’s.

417: What activities promote hygge?
Curling up with a good book and a soft blanket is a classic hygge activity. I love having inspirational coffee table books out for guests to flip through and enjoy while visiting. Another part of Hygee is togetherness. I love having board games on hand to play with friends and family. Some of my favorites are Hues and Cues, Scrabble and The Hygge Game: Cozy Conversation In Pleasant Company. Don’t forget about soft, oversized sweaters and warm, fuzzy socks. These pieces of clothing are essential for feeling cozy and relaxed while at home.