Lilac Paperie Brings Water Color Art To Local Homes

Peep the beautiful watercolor paintings by local Springfield business, Lilac Paperie, and get inspired to bring these soft textures to your own space.

By Karen Bliss

Sep 2019

Kendra skinner Springfield, MO
Photo By Kendra SkinnerLine your walls with local art, like abstract watercolor pieces from 417-land artist Kendra Skinner.

Kendra Skinner, a local watercolor artist, is known for painting florals and children’s portraits. Through her online business, Lilac Paperie, she is able to live her dream of taking her artwork from her brush to inside local southwest Missouri homes. 

417 Home: How did you go from doing watercolor as a hobby to commission? 
Kendra Skinner:
I decided to paint more when I realized that over time, I was doing mostly digital design for the business that my husband and I run. While I also love that type of work, I realized that I was missing that tangible piece about art that I had always loved. I wanted to get messy again. With the support of my husband, friends and family, I began painting more, teaching classes and selling in a few local shops and online. 

“Let the art speak. Don’t clutter it too much with an elaborate frame. A simple white or light wood frame with a white mat gives your eyes room to breathe and take in the art.”
— Kendra Skinner

417: Where did the idea for your children’s portraits come from? 
Children’s portraits have been around for a long time, but I loved the idea of being able to customize them to fit each and every child. These portraits allow for you to customize the color to match your child’s nursery or bedroom, birthstone color and more. For the girls, I create a floral arrangement with their month’s birth flower. For the little guys, a nautical or starry night theme. 

417: What do you like about the children’s portraits? Have they been a popular seller for you? 
My favorite part of creating these portraits is how intricately unique every child is. I am amazed by how God has created every little profile so differently. These have been a big seller. I think they are a special, unique and timeless gift. People have ordered them for Mother’s Day, or Christmas gifts for grandparents and more. 

Lilac Paperie


Contact Skinner for commissioned work, starting at $75 for portraits, on her website or through her Instagram, @lilacpaperie. Then, use the quick tip above from Kendra herself to display it.