Turn a Small Kitchen into the Perfect Hosting Space

Lifestyle blogger and author Mackenzi Pitman combines beauty with functionality to host successful gatherings in her small kitchen.

By Jenna deJong

Dec 2019

Mackenzi Pitman's table set-up
Photo by Mackenzi PitmanLearn a few tips for hosting in a small space from Mackenzi Pitman.

A small kitchen used to keep Mackenzi Pitman from hosting. Now, three years after joining a local dinner party club, the lifestyle blogger and author combines beauty with functionality to host successful gatherings. Here are three tips from Pitman for using a smaller space for hosting.

1. Go for Fulfillment, Not Envy

“I think it’s really easy to [host] in a way that says, ‘Look at me; look at what I have,’” says Pitman. “I really like breaking it down to simple hospitality in a way that makes people feel seen and welcome at your table so that they leave your home feeling filled.”

2. Go for Originality, Not Risk

When Pitman hosts, she chooses a recipe that is a safe bet. With ingredients like potatoes, carrots, rotisserie chicken, onions, peas, blackened seasoning and a homemade pie crust recipe from her father-in-law, Pitman’s chicken pot pie is sure to wow any crowd.

3. Go for Simplicity, Not Complexity

Frilly decorations and expensive china are nice to have, but these extra add-ins aren’t the point of hosting. Instead, Pitman says she visits her family’s flea market, RZ’s Antiques and Flea Market, when she needs a little something extra.

Mackenzi Pitman's table set-up

Make your guests feel welcome at your table with a simple and thoughtful presentation.

Mackenzi Pitman holds a homemade chicken pot pie

Rely on your tried and true recipes when hosting for a real crowd pleaser, and to keep your own stress level down.

Mackenzi Pitman's coffee bar with antiques

Mix old and new for a comfortable, homey feeling.

Photos by Mackenzi Pitman

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