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Make Your Own Candle at Heirloom Candle Bar

Check out Heirloom Candle Bar's new location.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Jun 2023

candle bar
Photo by Brandon AlmsChoose your own scents before making your candle at Heirloom Candle Bar. Purchase Photo

If your friend group is the crafty kind (or even the not-crafty-but-wish-we-were kind, because this activity is totally beginner-friendly), then you might want to include a trip to Heirloom Candle Bar in the plan for your next girls’ day. There you’ll learn how to create the perfect lovely smelling accent for your home. You choose and mix your scent and then pour the candle yourself. The shop, which was originally located at Pickwick & Cherry, has recently opened a new space in Downtown Springfield on Walnut Street.