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Sunset by Freeman Home is a One-Stop Shop for Vintage Finds

On historic Commercial Street, Sunset by Freeman Home is a one-stop-shop for vintage finds, laid-back decor, heirloom-quality furniture and custom kitchens.

By Tessa Cooper

Dec 2023

Interior of Sunset by Freeman on C-Street
Photo by Tessa Cooper

Sunset by Freeman Home is fittingly named— perusing the shop’s collection of time-worn rugs, reclaimed wood tables, handmade taper candles and French linens leaves you with a warm feeling. So does chatting with owner Wendee Freeman and her daughter Madi Taylor, who helps look after the shop. For them, the name Sunset holds significant meaning. It’s the time when you’re with the people you love. “Everything has slowed down, and you’re able to lock eyes around the table and just live life together,” Madi says.

In fact, tables are a big part of what Sunset has to offer. “Our family is really close,” Wendee says. “Part of the reason we build tables is because ours was instrumental in our home. It was an integral part of gathering our five children together.” Wendee’s husband, Mike Freeman, owns Freeman Home and has built numerous custom homes over the past 30 years, initially alongside his father. He specializes in handbuilt kitchen cabinets and furniture that he creates with his sons Cody and Matt Freeman. Sunset carries the tables, benches and consoles they construct out of reclaimed wood and new white oak, and they have plans to add a cabinet section to their showroom in the coming months.

Wendee Freeman and Madi Taylor
Products at Sunset
Iterms at Sunset
Photos by Tessa Cooper Sunset by Freeman Home is located in the heart of the Commercial Street Historic District. “I had a few ‘aha’ moments whenever we were going through the process of opening the shop,” Madi says. “The first one was whenever we found this space. I peeked in the windows and said, “Yes, this is it. I can see it.” Wendee Freeman (left) owns Sunset and manages it with her daughter Madi Taylor (right).

Wendee also offers in-house design services and specializes in kitchen design. At the store, she helps provide guidance to clients on the colors, fabrics and textures that will make their house feel like a home. Whether their personal interior style leans Scandi-rustic, modern, Southwestern or even a little French, it’s easy to find something they don’t want to live without.

The shop carries a versatile collection of throw pillows, art and vintage finds that they source from Roundtop, Texas, and other U.S. cities, and they also offer products made in Mexico, Canada and Europe. Wendee and Madi aim to bring merchandise to Springfield you’d typically only be able to find in larger cities. For example, the vintage rugs they sell are from the same supplier that provides rugs to the national brand Sundance.

Curating such a fine collection of goods is a team effort between Madi and Wendee. “We complement one another,” Wendee says. “I feel like I’ve always been a good curator, but Madi has taken that to the next level. We think so similarly and have such similar styles and tastes, but she brings a youthful aspect to what I do.”

Madi adds, “When we start dreaming together, we just get on this roll, and it flows very naturally because our brains are just on the same wavelength.”