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Arlie’s Farm in Rogersville is a Hidden Gem with an Airbnb Worth Checking Out

Sitting just outside of Springfield in Rogersville, Missouri is an idyllic little retreat with a greenhouse, Airbnb, farm animals and more. Your weekend plans just got more whimsical.

By Jenna deJong

Mar 2020

Arial view of Arlie's Farm in Rogersville MO
Photo courtesy Arlie's FarmProviding an unexpected retreat nestled within a rural setting, Arlie’s Farm is constantly bustling with improvements, including plans for more gardens and a guesthouse. The main farmhouse, a Southern Colonial-style home, is already finished and houses an Airbnb.

Beth Hopkins Combs is both a dreamer and a doer. She grew up only half a mile from what is now Arlie’s Farm, LLC, a small but mighty property complete with one finished and one soon-to-be-finished Airbnb, a greenhouse, pond, shed, garden, orchard and farm animals. Combs is a country girl at heart; her father, whom the farm is named after, taught her the basics of planting and harvesting everything from blackberries to hydrangeas. Now, as a retired interior designer, she is putting those lifelong skills to use with the goal of building a little homestead for cozy and quiet retreats.

Plants in a greenhouse at Arlie's Farm in Rogersville MO
Photo courtesy Arlie's FarmThe newly erected greenhouse gives visitors a taste of summer year-round. More than 50 kinds of crops are grown both in the greenhouse and on the surrounding property, including a fruit orchard and various citrus trees. Eventually, Katie Hopkins, the daughter of owner Beth Hopkins Combs, plans to open a food cart featuring ingredients grown on the property.

When she retired a few years ago, Combs was soaking up the lazy lifestyle of lake life. She and her husband, Stan, live on Table Rock Lake, but as she says, she got restless and decided now was the time for her to execute her lifelong dream: owning a farm. She enlisted the help of her daughter, Katie Hopkins, and son, Billy Hopkins, and together, the four got down to business. Within the first year and a half of purchasing the property, Combs built a greenhouse and renovated the entire main farmhouse, half of which is a private, 1,500-square-foot Airbnb fitted with a private entrance, two rooms, a kitchen and living area, a private porch with a hot tub and a view of what will soon be a landscaped backyard. The newly erected greenhouse at the back of the house is used for planting and harvesting over 50 different kinds of crops like lettuce, peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, peppers, lemons, olives, artichokes and more.

Arlie's Farm Airbnb in Rogersville MO
Photo courtesy Arlie's FarmThe Airbnb attached to the main house has an Indian theme, named the Bombay Getaway. The room includes items and trinkets from the family’s travels overseas and features a lush mural painted by Katie. The two-bedroom Airbnb is outfitted with its own private entrance, porch, hot tub, kitchenette and more.

Projects are constantly evolving on the property, and updates are posted on facebook.com/arliesfarm. Comb’s daughter Katie plans to begin a small food cart focused on brunch-style dishes, using all their own ingredients fresh from the greenhouse. The family is also working to landscape the entire backyard into different gardens, and the white guesthouse, also located at the back of the house, is getting renovated into a second Airbnb. Soon, the property will be the perfect little paradise for weddings, retreats, parties and more.