This Local Home is Full of Southwest Style

Get inspired by this Springfield home’s bright exterior, then channel the vibe during your next shopping spree.

By Tessa Cooper | Styled By Dylan Lyle

Jun 2019

Southwest Style Home in Springfield MO
Photo By Brandon AlmsLet this local home’s architecture inspire your next shopping trip. Purchase Photo

The Southwest has certainly been having its moment in interior design lately, and so far there is no end in sight for this trend. So what better place to look for Southwestern design inspiration than a home designed with this region in mind? This head-turning architectural gem caught our eye during a normal workday commute. The striking red paint certainly makes a statement, but it’s one we fully support. The home's arched entryways and orange tile accent roof transport us to Santa Fe’s colorful street markets lined with vendors selling handmade art and fresh produce. We’ve curated some of our favorite pieces from local shops that remind us of this cheerful Springfield home. 


Finn Teak Chair from Arizaga Home
Photos By Brandon AlmsSit for a spell in this high quality reclaimed teak wood chair from Arizaga Home ($490; Arizaga Home).
Genuine, hand-woven oriental rug from Obelisk Home
Photos By Brandon AlmsThis collector’s rug from Iran dotes unique details. Can you spot the llamas? Genuine, hand-woven oriental rug ($2,000; Obelisk Home).
Snake picture from Obelisk Home
Photos By Brandon AlmsThis graphic snake print can complete a space without competing with it ($325; Obelisk Home).
Teak sculpture from Arizaga Home
Photos By Brandon AlmsWith its organic details, this authentic Hispanic sculpture will spark conversation ($24; Arizaga Home).
Sandblasted vase from Obelisk Home
Photos By Brandon AlmsTwo ways to add interest to a room are with a contrast piece or abstract art. This vase is both ($250; Obelisk Home).
Houston Cowhide bench from Obelisk Home
Photos By Brandon AlmsAdd some Wild West flair to your home. If you’re not ready to commit to a cowhide rug, this bench will do the trick ($550; Obelisk Home)
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