Intern with 417

If you intern at 417, you won't be taking coffee orders. You'll gain valuable, hands-on experience and see how an award-winning magazine functions. But it doesn’t stop there. You have the opportunity to be cross-trained and gain understanding of digital marketing, social media, events, marketing, sales, public relations, writing, designing, communication and so much more. We want to teach, and we expect our interns to want to learn. We take pride in our working relationship with our interns, who we view as a vital part of the staff.

Not planning to stick around Springfield once you graduate? 417 is a member of the City and Regional Magazine Association which means we have connections to magazines like us all over the country including Denver, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago and beyond. Your internship here could be a launchpad to anywhere.

417 accepts internship applications year-round.
Summer: May–August
Fall: August–December
Spring: January–May

Application Requirements and Process
Applicants must receive school credit for internships. Refer to specific requirements for each department below as different portfolio requirements may be required.

Jonathan Kirby
Marketing Intern

Interning at 417 has given me the opportunity to discover various aspects of marketing, sales and how a business works. I look forward to applying my knowledge and expertise after graduation!

Shannon Hoffman
Digital Intern

Interning at 417 has given me opportunities I never would have thought I’d get as an intern. I’ve been able to expand my writing portfolio, contribute to our digital content, write a few of the newsletters and so much more. This is not an internship that you’ll be running out to get coffee for your boss. You gain exceptional experience and are a part of this company, and treated as such. 417 has made me more confident in not only my work, but myself as well. I’m so fortunate for the experiences this company has given me and am proud to intern here. 

Jenna deJong
Editorial Intern who became a full-time employee

While anyone can learn the basics of writing and editing in a classroom, 417's internship program taught me how a monthly, quarterly and yearly publication runs and just how much detail and creativity is required for each one. In their program, I've gotten to sit in on meetings and brainstorms and in those settings, editors and managers treat you as if you are a valued full-time employee. I couldn't have asked for a better experience for my first time in the field. 417 has only made me fall more in love with my major! 

Digital/Audience Development Internship

Responsibilities include: 
• Produces content for all of 417's digital properties including blog posts
• Uploads articles, calendar items and more to websites
• Crops and edits photos for web use
• Monitors, posts and generates content for social media
• Builds e-newsletters and e-blasts in Hubspot
• Populates 417 websites
• Assists with digital presence at events
• Researches, brainstorms and vets new digital strategies

Necessary skills:
• Basic computer skills required
• Basic HTML or higher preferred 
• Google Docs knowledge preferred
• Hubspot knowledge is a plus
• CMS/Wordpress experience is a plus 
• Adobe Creative Suite knowledge is a plus

What Digital Interns learn: 
Digital/Audience Development interns get to be part of a rapidly changing department that is constantly progressing and developing groundbreaking approaches to websites, email marketing, social media, online writing, article building, multimedia production, communication with readers and more. 

Digital/Audience Development interns learn to how to use a Hubspot, a content management system, Adobe products and more. Interns who demonstrate exceptional skills could acquire additional responsibilities. 

To apply for an editorial design internship:
• Submit your resume, cover letter and portfolio.

Editorial Writing Internship

Responsibilities include: 
• Reports and writes a variety of Front of Book assignments
• Submits story ideas
• Reports and writes the monthly Top 10 and Health Calendar lists
• Attends and helps prepare for editorial planning and art planning meetings

Interns who demonstrate exceptional skills could acquire these responsibilities: 
• Writing longer pieces, such as feature-length profiles and 417 Home stories.
• Working on or helping report cover stories and features
• Practice editing copy

What Editorial Writing Interns learn: 
Editorial Writing internships are teaching internships. We want to teach, and we expect our intern to want to learn. They attend art meetings when the schedule permits. They write profiles. They conduct important reporting. They suggest story ideas. Although they will be asked to do some month-to-month tasks, such as 417 Top 10, they will also be given challenging writing and reporting tasks that allow them to stretch.

To apply: 
• Send a resume, cover letter and three to five published writing clips.
• If you do not have published writing clips, ask about appropriate alternatives.

Editorial Design Internship

Responsibilities include:
• Assists creative director in design and layout of all publications
• Attends and assists with photo shoots
• Collects necessary art required for projects
• Color corrects photos

Necessary skills:
Design interns must have graphic design skills including experience in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. Illustration and photography skills are a plus.

What Editorial Art interns learn: 
Editorial art interns learn organizational and time management skills, as they work on strict inter-office deadlines. They gather art, attend photo shoots, design layouts and see the magazine through from the planning stages to the execution and printing. Design interns learn to finely tune and further develop their own personal style, while also weaving their creativity into the parameters of the style defined by 417’s art department.

To apply:
• Submit your resume, cover letter and portfolio.

Event Planning Internship

What Event Interns learn: Learn the basics in event planning and client relations as a 417 on-site event intern. On-site event interns work closely with the team on event days at the event site to implement successful 417 and Biz 417 signature events and 417 Events custom events. No two days are the same, so interns must have time management skills and be able to prioritize ever-changing responsibilities. 

Responsibilities include:
• Pre-event set up and post-event clean up
• Event coordination and execution
• Assist in executing marketing plans
• Post events on community calendars
• Deliver marketing materials to participants

To apply: 
• Submit your resume, cover letter and portfolio.

Marketing/Public Relations Internship

Responsibilities include:
• Event coordination and execution
• Assists 417's marketing department with online marketing efforts for all magazines
• Updates the online calendar regularly
• Administers contests and giveaways through

Necessary Skills:
• Exceptional communications skills
• Basic working knowledge of PR writing practices preferred
• Creative, out-of-the-box thinking
• Ability to work independently

What Marketing/Public Relations Interns learn:
Marketing/Public Relations Interns learn the basics in event planning, client relations, public relations and media relations during their time at 417. No two days are the same, so Marketing/Public Relations Interns will learn to hone their time management skills, prioritize ever-changing responsibilities, and they will gain a working knowledge of the importance of timely, professional client interaction.

To apply:
• Submit your resume, cover letter and portfolio

Event Photographer/People Pics Photographer

People Pics photographer:
Our People Pics team attends 417 Magazine sponsored charitable and fundraising events and takes 20–25 posed photos (which are referred to as People Pics) of individuals and collects names of the individuals pictured. These photos are used in 417 Magazine and 

417 Magazine event photographer:
Event photographers attend 417 Magazine events and take People Pics, red carpet photos, sponsor photos, party atmosphere photos and any additional photos for the full duration of the event. Within 12 hours of the event, your photos must be sorted and uploaded at the 417 Magazine office.

Responsibilities include:
• Attends and photographs 417 Magazine events and 417 Magazine sponsored events
• Chooses People Pics to be featured in 417 Magazine
• Runs Photoshop scripts on photos, then uploads photos to and 417 Magazine's Facebook within 12 hours of the event
• Sorts through and/or edits photos for the magazine, sponsor and event recaps and online galleries
• Represents the magazine in a professional manner at community events

Necessary skills:
Photography interns must be available to work weekends and evenings. Photography experience and familiarity with Photoshop is necessary. Personal Photoshop license, computer and camera is preferred.

To apply:
• Submit your resume, cover letter and portfolio.

Advertising Design Internship

Responsibilities Include:
• Design advertisements for all 417 print publications
• Design digital advertisements for a variety of platforms, including web impression ads, e-blasts, e-newsletter ads and more
• Prepare delivered ads for print
• Assist with proofing, completing revisions and uploading the magazine
• Interns who demonstrate exceptional skills could acquire these responsibilities:
           • Designing targeted display campaigns
           • Assisting the advertising design photographer with shoots and photo editing
           • Designing and editing internal sales materials
           • Assisting with ad and photo purchasing

Necessary skills:
• Proficiency in Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator)
• Keen eye for design and composition
• Attention to detail
• Excellent time management skills and ability to meet strict deadlines
• Photography, illustration and copywriting skills are a plus!

What Advertising Design Interns learn:
The most valuable skill interns learn is how to receive and interpret client direction and apply it to their own work. The Advertising Design Department functions much like an ad agency, so interns will create real ads for real clients and learn how to build cohesive, effective ad campaigns that translate across both print and digital. Projects created during the internship can be used to build a strong professional portfolio. Advertising Design interns learn the ins and outs of pre-press production, as well as how to utilize a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

To apply: 
• Submit your resume, cover letter and samples of work.


417 provides equal opportunities to all employees and applicants. Employment decisions shall be based on merit, qualifications and competence. Employment practices shall not be influenced or unlawfully affected by virtue of an applicant's or employee's race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, medical status, pregnancy, marital status, military including veteran status, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity, or any other class protected by law. This policy governs all aspects of recruitment, employment, training, promotion, transfer, demotion, compensation, assignment, termination, and other terms and conditions of employment.