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How does 417 Magazine pick the Best of 417 winners?

Throughout the year, our team has kept up with what’s new, hot, in style, delicious, making waves, going viral, selling out and making a big impression in 417-land. Then our editors combined them into a slate of nominations for 417-land to vote on. There were killer contestants to vote on for each category, plus voters had the option to write in anyone we left off the list. (Ugh, why didn’t we think of them?!) Voting was open in September. We compiled your votes, and the winners are published right here.

What happened to the other topic sections?
Great question! Last year, our editors set out to simplify the contest to make it quicker and easier for our readers to vote. The food and drink section is our largest and most popular, so we are focused on those categories for all Readers’ Choice Awards voting and are celebrating all of the best places to eat and drink in 417-land. You will no longer see Services, Shopping, Places & Experiences as categories on the ballot.

Did you do this differently in the past?
We did! Aren’t you a smart cookie. We’ve changed our Best of 417 procedure a tad from what we used to do. The past few years, our editors have compiled the list of nominees for 417-land to vote on. This meant readers had more comprehensive options for each category, and nominees could focus on getting votes (instead of getting nominations and then getting votes). It is similar to what a lot of other CRMA magazines do for their Best of competitions. If you have questions, we hope you’ll ask us!

Do advertisers automatically win?
Nope! Let’s put this rumor to rest. Still skeptical? Ask one of our advertisers who didn’t win. We take serious measures to keep our integrity intact and maintain boundaries between our sales and editorial departments. In fact, we’re required to in order to uphold our good standing with the City and Regional Magazine Association City and Regional Magazine Association (CRMA). You can’t buy a Best of 417 nomination or buy your win. You can only earn a spot on the list by being the best, getting the word out and raking in the votes! 

How do I vote?
Head over to the Best of 417 page and fill out the simple questionnaire.

How do I tell you about my business? 
If you think your business deserves to be on next year’s ballot, we want to know about it! Write to our editorial staff at We take calls, letters, emails and skywriting from our readers about what to check out. We’re sure you’re awesome, so tell us why. Don’t be surprised if some of our staffers come around to check out what you have to offer. In fact, exploring new, fun local stuff is our favorite part of our jobs! We are always looking to share the best with our audience!

This contest adheres to Whitaker Publishing's contest rules and regulations.

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