Where to Ditch Your Old Christmas Tree

When your Christmas tree is losing its needles and the holiday has long passed, it’s time to say goodbye. Haul your tree to one of these local spots to give it a little purpose in its afterlife.

By Jenna deJong

Nov 27 2019 at 8 a.m.

where to dispose of your real christmas tree in springfield mo
Photo by Kyle Davis

Donate to a Worthy Cause 

For only $5, Wickman’s Garden Village (1345 S. Fort Ave., Springfield; 417-862-3707) takes your tree and donates the money collected to a local nonprofit of the business’s choice. Wickman’s then mulches the tree, and owners can take some of it home—so be sure to bring an extra container. Whatever is left over, Wickman’s uses in its nursery. Proceeds go to Great Circle. Before drop-off, remove all glass and plastic. Call for more details.

Help out your local Boy Scouts this year by taking your Christmas trees to Bass Pro Shops (2011 S Campbell Ave, Springfield, 417-887-7334) . In the Bass Pro parking lot on South Campbell Avenue, the Boy Scouts will place the discarded trees in semitrailers for the Department of Conservation to provide wildlife habitats for rabbits, quail and songbirds. Trees must be stripped of décor and can be dropped off December 26–30 from 12–6 p.m. Donations to the Boy Scouts are appreciated, with a suggested minimum of $2.

Revisit Your Tree Farm

Revisit one of the Christmas tree farms around town for an easy and convenient drop-off location for a tree that’s lived its last Christmas dream. When Jessie Huntley first started working as a teenager at Cole’s Tree Farm (23100 Highway 00, Lebanon; 417-588-3008), he worked under a former U.S. forester who allowed people to drop off their used Christmas trees on his 30-acre property. Since taking over the business eight years ago, Huntley continues the tradition and allows guests to drop off their trees on a specific part of his property to spur wildlife growth. Bridgestone Christmas Tree Farm (9615 County Lane, 251, Webb City; 417-529-8508) also allows trees to be disposed of on their property if guests call beforehand. 

Call Yardwaste Recycling Center

If all else fails, rely on the convenient option of Yardwaste Recycling Center (3772 County Road 119, Brookline; 417-864-1905). The center accepts all trees free of charge until the last day in January; remember to bring only your tree when dropping off—the center charges a $5 residential fee if other clippings are included.  Hansen's Green Waste (3341 S Farm Rd 107, Brookline, 417-272-8733) also offers disposal of live trees with no charge between December 26 and January 31.

Disposing of Artificial Trees

Ideally, you should try and use your artificial tree for as long as possible. But, if it's really on its last plastic legs, the Computer Recycling Center (528 N Prince Ln A, Springfield, 417-866-2588) accepts artificial trees for a $10 charge until January 31.