Why You Should Eat the Ahi Avacado Salad from The Rock

Discover what makes the Ahi Avacado Salad our new favorite dish from The Rock.

By Tessa Cooper

Jun 2024

Photo by Brandon AlmsMade with Sashimi-grade ahi tuna gives the dish a fresh flavor. Purchase Photo

The Protein 

Sashimi-grade ahi tuna paired with avocado slices keep it fresh and filling. 

The Flavor

Scallions, cilantro, pickled ginger and a wasabi vinaigrette make this salad a little spicy, tangy and peppery. 

The Mouthfeel

Crispy wontons and a medley of fibrous vegetables, including cucumber, carrots and red bell peppers, offer a nice crunch against the greens.

The Place

 From The Rock Food & Friends (4018 S Lone Pine Ave, Springfield).

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