Sink Your Teeth into Amycakes' Whoppie Pies

There are new flavors on the menu at Amycakes Bakery.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Jun 2020

Whoopie pies from Amycakes Bakery in Springfield MO
Photo courtesy AmycakesWe can't wait to order whoopie pies from Amycakes.

We were sad to see Amycakes Bakery (1108 E. Walnut St., Springfield) temporarily close its doors during the COVID-19 outbreak (I mean, what even is a Sunday morning without their take-and-bake cinnamon rolls?). But during that temporary time away, they posted a mouthwatering teaser video about some new menu items that left us drooling: whoopie pies. We love whoopie pies, with their big, soft, cake-like cookies that have a thick layer of frosting sandwiched in between. They’re a classic treat that tastes like childhood. The Amycakes versions come in chocolate or vanilla-almond-confetti varieties and are filled with an extra-fluffy marshmallow cream buttercream filling. Oh. My. Word. Sign us up, please.