Liquid Gold: Apple Cider Vinegar from Gardener's Orchard & Bakery

Discover Gardener's Orchard & Bakery apple cider vinegar.

By Tessa Cooper

Sep 2023

Apple cider vinegar
Photo courtesy Gardener's Orchard & Bakery

Gardener’s Orchard & Bakery (4455 W. Farm Rd. 2, Brighton) is best known for apples and baked goods, but their apple cider vinegar is perhaps their most underrated offering. Made from their leftover apples, we believe the best use for it is in vinegar-forward recipes—it almost feels like a waste to let its flavor fall into the background. If taking apple cider vinegar shots is part of your wellness routine, this one definitely won’t make you grimace because it actually has a fresh, apple-forward flavor when you consume it alone. Pick up a bottle at the Farmers Market of the Ozarks (2144 E. Republic Rd.).