The Best Holiday Pies From Springfield Bakeries

Let Springfield, MO bakeries like The Pie Safe, Prairie Pie and The Pie Box make your favorite holiday pies.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Dec 2020

Pecan pie from the Pie Safe
Photo by Brandon AlmsIndulge in the Rustic Bourbon Pecan Pie from The Pie Safe. Purchase Photo

The holidays are for indulgent desserts, and few things taste more like the joy of family gathered around the table than an ooey-gooey pecan pie. Here are a few options for filling your holiday dessert table this year.

Rustic Bourbon Pecan Pie

The Pie Safe

What’s Inside: pecans, chocolate, smoky-sweet bourbon
Mood: deep indulgence

Classic Pecan Pie

Prairie Pie

What’s Inside: pecans, ginger, all-butter crust
Mood: comfort and joy

Southern Pecan Pie

The Pie Box

What’s Inside: pecans, cinnamon, flaky crust
Mood: sweet nostalgia

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