Bite-Size Review: Momo Sushi & Grill

Momo Sushi & Grill has a little something for everyone.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Oct 2022

Sushi and Cocktails
By Leah StiefermannThis delicious eatery is a must-try! With a range of things on the menu, it is sure to leave everyone in the family wanting more! Purchase Photo

These days it can be hard to find something to eat that both my kids will love. One of them will try anything, and the other is super-picky—and their favorites do not align. With a picky kid in the house you might think a sushi joint is the last place that would appease everyone, but Momo Sushi & Grill (2767 W. Republic Road, Suite 120, Springfield) fits the bill. My eats-anything kiddo is all about bento boxes, and at Momo he can get one with grilled salmon, a fried Philly roll and tempura veggies. For my won’t-eat-anything kid, ramen is a win. And for me, well, I’ll take sashimi any day, and Momo has a spicy sashimi salad that feels a little healthy and a little special, all at once. It’s a family win, all around.