Check Out This Springfield, MO Filipino Market

In our newest series, Food Editor Jorge Cespedes explores ingredients from around the world through some of Springfield’s global markets. This month, we’re visiting Filipino Market.

By Jorge Cesepedes

Apr 2022

Photo courtesy ShutterstockFind unique Calamansi fruit at the Filipino Market.

The food of the Philippines is reflected in its geographic location plus its historic influence from colonial Spain, neighboring China and the United States. All of this creates a very unique cuisine. Filipino Market (3448 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield) has lots of fun and tasty snacks, sweets, canned seafood, cured meats, ice cream and even frozen fruit juices from the region. I found frozen packs of Calamansi juice and immediately thought of daiquiris. Calamansi has the flavor of lime, lemon and orange all in one citrus, and it’s trending big in the world of food. Check out my Calamansi Daiquiri recipe, and try it for yourself.