Sample the Sweet Stuff at Branson’s Davis Candy Co.

Got a sweet tooth that also craves something a little salty bite? The brittle from Davis Candy Co. in Branson is what you're looking for.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Sep 2020

Brittle from Davis Candy Co. in Branson, MO
Image courtesy Davis Candy Co.Davis Candy Co. in Branson has what you're looking for if you've got a craving for some salty and sweet brittle.

For those of us who are total suckers for the dreamy indulgence of salty-sweet candy, brittle is heavenly: the crackly crunch of the candy, the salty bits of nut. So good! Branson’s Davis Candy Co. (110 W. Main St., Branson) has a few different types of brittle on the menu, but we were excited to see the Peco brittle. It’s a little unexpected, with flavors of both peanuts and coconut hidden in those crunchy bites. It’s a clever take on a classic, and we’re here for it.