Why the Ice Cream Flight from Box Turtle Creamery is Worth It

Sample all of your favorite flavors from Box Turtle Creamery in Springfield, Missouri.

By Tessa Cooper

Apr 2024

One of the best parts about paying a visit to Box Turtle Creamery (1458 E. Cherry St., Springfield) is that there are always so many new and intriguing ice cream and sorbet flavors to try, such as pickle (for the adventurous) or tiramisu (for the play-it-safe-yet-curious). However, the wide selection of flavors makes for a difficult choice, especially since you never know when a particular flavor will be back on the rotation. However, there’s a solution to the decision fatigue woes: the ice cream flight offering. It comes with your choice of six scoops, all served in a very adorable, very Instagram-able colored egg carton. Box Turtle Creamery is the newest business to grace the Pickwick and Cherry business district. Dani Hunnell, who also brought us Sleepy Opossum Cafe, is the face behind the ice cream shop, and she’s been perfecting the delectable scoops for months before the shop’s opening. In fact, you may have already had some of her ice cream if you’ve ordered one of her slices of pie à la mode at Sleepy Opossum Café.