Where to Buy Local Honey in Springfield and Beyond

When allergy season approaches, eating local honey can help reduce the severity. Here's where to find local honey harvested in the Ozarks.

By Megan Dollar

Mar 2021

Drizzling honey over oatmeal
Courtesy ShutterstockFind out where to find local honey in southwest Missouri.

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, “eating unfiltered, unheated, raw honey produced within your area (within a 50-mile radius) is like receiving a natural anti-allergy shot.” Luckily, southwest Missouri is not short on beekeepers or honey producers, and their products can be found all across the region. We tracked down just a sampling of where you can find local, raw honey.

Beecharmer Farms

Sourced: Springfield
Where to buy it: MaMa Jean’s Natural Market (multiple locations), Rutledge Wilson Farm (3825 W. Farm Rd. 146, Springfield, 417-837-5949), Missouri State University–Mountain Grove (401 E. 17th St., Mountain Grove, 417-547-7575)

Chateauvert Farm

Sourced: Mountain Grove
Where to buy it: MaMa Jean’s Natural Market, Murphy Orchard (255 US-60, Marionville, 417-258-2353), Ava and West Plains Area Farmers Markets

Wild Ozarks Honey

Sourced: Everton
Where to buy it: KeenBean Coffee Roasters (1031 S. Market St., Mount Vernon, 417-461-7101), Wild Cow Emporium (16262 Hwy. 96, Miller, 417-818-0839), Ash Tree Antiques (202 N. Maple Ln., Ash Grove, 417-761-3366), MFA Feed Store (101 N. Exchange Ave., Ash Grove, 417-7512-433), Larrabee Produce (12814 State Hwy. T, Ash Grove, 417-6890-197), Picadilly Junktion (7 E. Dade 152, South Greenfield, 417-366-9283)

Lucky Bee Honey

Sourced: Branson
Where to buy it: Hy-Vee (720 W. Battlefield Rd., Springfield, 417-881-1950), Amish Country Store (3100 Gretna Rd., Branson, 866-8915-514), Apple Market (319 S. Main St., Rogersville, 417-753-2600), Hilltop Buggy Shop (Seymour)

Pure Ozark Honey

Sourced: Greenfield
Where to buy it: Greenfield Pharmacy (105 N. Grand Ave. # 1, Greenfield, 417-637-2909), Stockton Outfitters (324 N. Grand Ave., Greenfield, 417-637-5253), Circle E Country Market (7692 State Hwy. 96, Carthage, 417-246-1144), Wedgewood Barber (1711 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, 417-866-9915), MFA Feed Store (700 Vine St., Golden City, 417-537-4711)