Find the Nectar of the Gods at Greek Belly

Greek Belly’s Olympus dessert combines creamy ice-cream and baklava for a sweet treat worthy of the residents of Mount Olympus.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Nov 2020

Olympus at Greek Belly
Photo by Leah StiefermannIndulge in the crispy-creamy combo of the Olympus at Greek Belly. Purchase Photo

If you’re like me, you already think baklava is the perfect dessert. Its crisp layers of phyllo, syrupy honey and crunchy nuts are the stuff dreams are made of, and it’s so sweet you only need a little bit to feel like you’ve indulged in something special. Well, I do not regret to inform you that your favorite perfect dessert can actually be more perfect. At Greek Belly (320 E. Walnut St., Springfield), the Olympus dessert features vanilla ice cream packed with chopped baklava, which means it adds rich creaminess to the sticky, sweet, nutty, crunchy goodness you already love. Double bonus: honey-cinnamon-citrus syrup is woven in too. It’s like the holy grail of desserts, and we don’t want to share.

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