3 Questions with Sarah Kraber of Pino & Tinks

Catering requires a unique culinary skillset, and Sarah Kraber of Pino & Tinks has perfected the art.

By Tessa Cooper

Jun 2024

Sarah Kraber
Photo by Tessa CooperYou can book an event with Pino & Tinks by sending her an email ( or direct message on Instagram (@pinoandtinks). Purchase Photo

Sarah Kraber of Pino & Tinks dishes add to the experience of a celebration; they are plated so beautifully that they are practically festive party decor themselves. Kraber uses fresh ingredients and a range of preparation techniques to create meals and appetizers that taste just as amazing as they look. We sat down with her to chat about her favorite ingredients, popular dishes and where she loves going out to eat. 

417 Magazine: What are a few ingredients you always keep in your fridge and why?
Sarah Kraber: Chilis, fish sauce, eggs and fresh herbs. You can just do so much with chili oil. You can add it to some pasta with a fresh herb, and you’ve got dinner. Fresh herbs add so much flavor to a dish and look beautiful as a garnish… Fish sauce just adds a really nice umami and unexpectedly nice salty punch… And as for eggs, if you’ve got those, you have a whole meal. 

417: What is the single dish that you’re most known for?
My chicken parm. I use my spicy tomato oil on it, and it’s so wonderful because it has so many different uses. I also sell a lot of bread, and when my close friends come over, they always want my Braciole. 

417: When you’re too tired to cook, where do you like going out to eat? 
When [my family and I] lived in Springfield, we would go have wings at least once a week at Coyote’s Adobe Cafe. And we still absolutely love that and go about once a month. When we’re home at the lake, we enjoy going to El Lago Branson West. They have fabulous margaritas and the food is solid and consistent.