Sensational Salsa from Tortilleria Perches

Discover the new salsa from Tortilleria Perches.

By Michelle Lewis

May 2023

Photo By Leah StiefermannKeep your eyes peeled for Tortilleria Perches’ iconic green sauce on shelves in the future. Purchase Photo

If you’ve ever eaten at Tortilleria Perches you’ve likely indulged in the restaurant’s signature salsa and dreamed about the delicious blend of tangy and savory flavors between visits. Dream no more; after high demand from the community, this Springfield staple has officially begun jarring its famous salsas. Jars contain the same iconic recipe created by none other than Maria Perches and include fresh ingredients full of flavor. Purchase it at a variety of local grocery stores including Harter House, Price Cutter and Hy-Vee. Choose from 16 ounce bottles of Tortilleria Perches’ mild and hot salsas or a five ounce bottle of Tortilleria Perches’ hot sauce, and keep your eyes peeled for the restaurants iconic green sauce on shelves in the future.