Shake It Up at Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl & Grill

Fill up on a fully-loaded shake from Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl & Grill at Big Cedar’s Fun Mountain

By Katie Pollock Estes

Nov 2020

Milk shakes at Uncle Buck's.
Photo courtesy Big Cedar LodgeShake it up with the different, indulgent milk shakes at Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl & Grill.

There is a new line of five crazy milkshakes on the menu at Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl & Grill at Big Cedar’s Fun Mountain, and they look dangerously indulgent. These things are fully loaded with toppings—including items that could be a dessert in and of themselves. For example, the birthday cake shake has a colorful sprinkle rim, whipped cream, vanilla frosting and—wait for it—an entire confetti cupcake. The Candy Craze shake looks like something from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, with candy popping out at all angles in fun colors and shapes: rock candy sticks, licorice, a huge rainbow swirl lollipop, cotton candy and a rim made from pastel Sixlets. We’ll take one of each, please!

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