Replace Your Frozen Lunch with Small Batch Burritos

Small Batch Burritos packs some big flavors.

By Vivian Wheeler

Apr 2019

Breakfast Burritos in southwest MO
Photos by Brandon AlmStock up on a few of these bad boys and skip the Golden Arches in the mornings. Purchase Photo

We’ve all been there. There’s no time for breakfast, so you do the drive of shame through the McDonald’s drive-thru. We’re here to tell you there’s a better way. Small Batch Burritos is a frozen breakfast burrito that uses high-quality ingredients like artisan tortillas and real eggs, and they’re made right here in southwest Missouri. There’s sausage, egg and Sriracha; bacon, egg and Sriracha; and sundried tomatoes, egg and mozzarella varieties. You can find them at Hy-Vee, Lucky’s Market and several coffee shops locally.