Spice Things Up with Yo Seasonings

Take a visit to C-Street Market to spice up your life with Yo Seasonings.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Feb 2023

If you ever visit C-Street Market, you have probably seen Yo Seasonings slinging spices, rubs and seasoning mixes. Owned by Yolanda Sharpensteen, Yo Seasonings is gaining a devoted audience. Krab Kings and Chicago Smerqs are among the local restaurants using Sharpensteen’s blends in their dishes, and Schuchmann Meat Co. and Harter House (Eastgate) are carrying her products. And the spice line is huge! You can get everything from the classics (like all-purpose seasoning and Cajun seasoning) to more unexpected flavors (like strawberry rub and mango jerk rub). Next step for you: Pop over to C-Street Market and find your flavor.