Tomato Soup from Cherry Picker Package x Fare

This dish from Cherry Picker Package x Fare is definitely what I like to call a soup for the soul.

By Jorge Cespedes

Feb 2022

Tomato soup and grilled cheese
Photo by Brandon AlmsThe perfect meal to warm up your belly this winter. Purchase Photo

I love tomato soup and especially when it has some unique flavor cues to spike my interest and give me a new idea of how far this soup can go. The Tomato Bisque at Cherry Picker Package x Fare (601 S. Pickwick Ave, Springfield, 417-986-5800) is one of a kind. It has a splash of orange juice in it, and this takes the soup to a whole other level of flavor. It’s normally served with crispy toasted baguette and garlic butter, but don’t hesitate to order the grilled cheese and make this one hell of a winter meal.

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