Where to Find Fresh Bread in Springfield, MO

There’s a healthy supply of good bread in 417-land. However, the trick to landing your hands on a loaf lies in the timing. Here’s a little cheat sheet of when and where to get locally made-from-scratch bread.

By Tessa Cooper

Feb 2024

Photo courtesy Shutterstock

Neighbor’s Mill Bakery & Café

1435 E. Independence St., Ste. 110
If you’ve ever paid a visit to Neighbor’s Mill only to find your favorite bread is not available, you’re at the right place but just at the wrong time. Here’s when each of these popular specials hits the shelves:

Springfield Sourdough: Tuesday and Friday
Whole Wheat: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Cranberry Pecan: Wednesday
Pumpernickel: Tuesday and Friday
Cinnamon Raisin: Tuesday and Friday
Tomato Herb and Cheese: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Ava Bread at MaMa Jean’s Natural Market & Deli

Multiple Locations
It’s common knowledge that Ava Bread’s rye, multigrain and sourdough loaves sell out fast at MaMa Jean’s. They get in fresh shipments on Tuesdays and Fridays, so plan your grocery trips accordingly. 

Collective Kitchen

On a typical Tuesday, Alex Maurer is busy whipping up her famous sourdough loaves in her home kitchen in Rountree. Reach out to to get on her email list and be the first to know which loaves are available for the week and when they’re up for grabs.